10th Taekwon-Do GTF World Championships


The "10th Taekwon-Do GTF World Championships" brought competitors from around the world. The sport facilities used for this event were located within walking distance from the well-known Kazan Universiade Village campus where the athletes were staying.

The Global Taekwon-Do Federation, a non-political organization, is known worldwide for it’s mandate of maintaining the highest technical standards and promoting peace and harmony through training. It is important for GTF athletes worldwide to compete in world class competition in a friendly atmosphere and to exchange valuable training techniques. Kazan has a reputation as one of the world’s best venues for sports. We are confident the “10th Taekwon-Do GTF World Championships was a first class event and we look forward to GTF members experiencing Russia’s unique culture and building lasting friendships through this venue.

A Technical Seminar was conducted by Grand Master Xuan Ha from Germany and the Umpire/Referee Seminar was conducted by Grand Master Francisco Beloso from Argentina has been organized to take place prior to the event to ensure everyone is updated on GTF rules and regulations. Also, this was a great opportunity to up-grade techniques and to discuss various ways to promote and develop Taekwon-Do in your country with the newly acquired skills and knowledge from participating in the seminars.

H.Grand Master Linda Park

GTF President